Introducing the Uno Plane. Image of map with character looking up in amazement.

The Fate of Uno is in Your Hands

The Uno Plane is a fantastical world where creatures of all shapes and sizes use the magical power of Momoguro Energy to fuse together, forming ultra powerful Momobeasts with unique abilities.

What’s the utility of a Holoself?

Your Holoself digital collectible gives you early access to the storytelling RPG, Momo Boxes, future drops, alpha news, and more.

Venture Forth, Holoselves

The story of Momoguro begins with Holoselves, the powerful protectors of the Uno Plane. Starting with our upcoming game, Momoguro: Legends of Uno, your Holoself digital collectible gives you entry into the storytelling RPG and its expansions, offers unique opportunities for more digital collectibles, and provides exclusive access to the ever-expanding Momoguro franchise across media and entertainment.

What is the utility of a Momo?

Momos have unique stats that, when combined with a Holoself, can form into powerful Momobeasts. Limited-time Momos can be earned, collected, and traded.

Momos of Uno

The Uno Plane is home to many species of Momo, each with a unique and distinctive physical, mental, or supernatural gift. Momos have evolved to form symbiotic relationships with each other thanks to the influence of Momoguro Energy. When fused together, they can complement each other’s strengths and create a being greater than the sum of its parts. Collect, strategize, and customize the creature combinations that can save the world – if you can!


(At the center of it all)


(There are many more!)


(When Holoselves and Momos fuse)

Live Now

Momoguro: Legends of Uno

Our story universe begins with the digital collectible RPG where players assume the role of a Holoself avatar and progress through a series of story quests to collect unique and tradable Momo digital collectibles. Through exploration and narrative gameplay, players can customize and level up their team of fantastical creatures to form ultra-powerful Momobeasts as they fight to save Uno from the forces seeking to destroy it.

  • • Unlock New Quests
  • • Collect New Momos
  • • Combine Momos
  • • Complete Story Quests
  • • Collect Loot and Power-Up

Who We Are

Momoguro is a franchise by 10x Emmy-winning Baobab Studios, in collaboration with industry recognized creators Martin Allais & Nico Casavecchia.

Momoguro Roadmap

Winter 2022

Phased Beta Gameplay

Q1 2023

Momo Box Snapshot

March 22, 2023

Momo Box Airdrop

March 24, 2023

Sprint 2023

Momo Box Opening & Ceremony

April/May 2023

More Snapshots & Drops

May/June 2023

Summer 2023

Game & Launch Party

June 13, 2023

Act 3

July 13, 2023

Training Reward

July 27, 2023

Act 4

Aug 9, 2023


August 24, 2023

IP Expansion & TV Show

Q3 2023 & Beyond