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A world of endless combinations.

Your Holoself Avatar Unlocks the Momoguro Universe

Discovering Momoguro starts with your Holoself Avatar, the key to exploring the Uno Plane. The Uno Plane is a fantastical world where creatures of all shapes and sizes use the magical power of Momoguro Energy to fuse together, forming ultra powerful Momobeasts with unique abilities.

Discover Momos of all kinds and work together to defend the world from the self-serving forces seeking to divide it.

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The Fate of Uno Plane is in Your Hands

It’s the first day after you fused into a single being with some rando from across the kingdom.  As if trying to live in your own skin wasn’t enough, now you have to share the same body and mind…with a complete stranger.

In the midst of being on the run, you’ve discovered a mysterious conspiracy that threatens to take down the entire world. Oh and you two (or is it one now?)…you and your new self are the only ones that can save it. No pressure!

Your mission will take you all across the Uno Plane, exploring vast and fantastical regions, from the neon mushroom jungles to forests that remember.

Discover and Merge with Creatures

Where these dark forces seek to divide, you seek to unite. 

To survive this adventure, you need to master the ancient art of Momoguro. This means fusing with the magical creatures of Uno, called Momos, to gain their abilities and form ultra-powerful, world defending, Momobeasts!

Like all good parties, success will require collaboration, trust, and a whole lot of dancing.

This is just the beginning!

With your unique Holoself Avatar, you will get early access to the digital collectible game, other digital collectibles, web3 platforms, and an expansion of the Momoguro franchise across media and entertainment.

All these games, media, and storytelling experiences will be focused on the Holoself character and collective Momos.


  • Maureen Fan


  • Eric Darnell


  • Larry Cutler


  • Nico Casavecchia


  • Martin Allais


  • 9x Emmy Award-Winning Team

    Founded by Maureen Fan, Eric Darnell, & Larry Cutler, our award-winning stories are being adapted into film, books, TV & games. Baobab investors include: Disney, Peter Chernin, Shari Redstone, Comcast, Liz Murdoch, Samsung, Shanghai Media Group & Youku/Alibaba. Momoguro is a franchise in collaboration with industry recognized creators Martin Allais & Nico Casavecchia.
  • Multi-Platform Franchises

    We believe great stories and characters transcend mediums. Our story games have been viewed millions of times and starred diverse talents such as Oprah, John Legend, Jennifer Hudson, Daisy Ridley, Constance Wu, Kate Winslet, Diego Luna, Liza Koshy, Tye Sheridan, Elizabeth Banks, Ethan Hawke, Lupita Nyong’o, Ali Wong & Edward Norton. Disney+ recently announced that Baobab will be developing two animated series – “The Witchverse” based on Baba Yaga and also “Intercats“, a new animated cat workplace comedy along with screenwriter Pamela Ribon.

  • Merging Films & Games

    Storytelling is at the heart of our mission and we want YOU, the audience to matter to the story.  We want to place you into our universes, have you form relationships with our characters, and impact the story. We’ve released 9 blockbuster projects to date: Baba Yaga, Invasion!, Asteroids!, Crow: The Legend, BonfirePaper Birds, Galatic Catch, and Namoo – all to critical acclaim and commercial success.